VisitingMD is solely focused on providing compassionate physician services in the safety and comfort of home. We have unique capabilities and expertise to address patient needs and coordinate care with other medical professionals.



 VisitingMD, Inc truly understands the value of human interaction and communication. With a complete staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and medical staff , we are here to provide support for you and your family, whatever the situation.

Sometimes an injury or chronic illness can make it difficult to attend doctor’s appointments outside the home. When you need to receive care at home, our visiting physicians, nurse practitioners and medical staff provide the compassion and expertise you need to live life to its fullest. 

Our care team provides primary care, specialty care or urgent care under the supervision of board-certified physicians. Our providers are committed to delivering quality care with integrity and dignity. We understand and respect your voice and balance your medical conditions with your personal goals. At VisitingMD, we strive to keep you happy, healthy, independent and hospital free.

We work tirelessly to keep you out of the hospital, but sometimes your condition requires hospital visits or stays. When the hospital level of care becomes necessary, our team collaborates with your physicians at the hospital on each decision regarding your care, every step of the way.  Our established relationships with hospital partners allow us to provide a seamless transition in your care. We track your progress, when you are likely able to leave the hospital and work to ensure a smooth transition back to wherever you call home.

We understand that medical expenses are not only confusing, but a burden for both you and your loved ones. Through our comprehensive approach to caring for chronic illnesses, we are able to provide a high quality, lower-cost alternative to more expensive care settings such as inpatient facilities. Because we follow up with you at home on a routine basis, we help you lower medical expenses while improving your health outcomes in the environment where you want to be — home. 

VisitingMD accepts Medicare, Tricare, Blue Cross, Blue Sheild, United Health, Aetna and most other insurances

Established in 2005, VisitingMD, Inc has a solid reputation and is a respected agency in the world of in-home physician services. With a shared vision, Dr. Bahram Bahrami and Marko Keeme started the company with the intent of providing ethical and superior medical services, and that is exactly what we do.